Full House

17 06 2008


Han Ji Eun (Song Hae Gyo) is an Internet writer who lives in a beautiful house that goes by the name “Full House”. This house was designed and built by her late father and thus has a special significance to her.

Lee Young Jae (Bi) is movie star and is worshipped by millions of fans around Asia. Although he comes across as aloof and uncaring, he has a special place in his heart for Kang Hye-Won (Han Eun Jung), who is his childhood best friend. Hye Won, unfortunately, is in love with Yoo Min Hyuk (Kim Sung Soo), a successful entrepreneur in the movie industry who is also a senior to Young Jae.

One day, Ji Eun is offered an all expense paid trip by her friends to China, which she accepts happily. Unfortunately when she returns to Korea, she realizes her house has been sold off to Young Jae, whom she met on the plane trip to China.

Desperate to get her late father’s house back, she tries ways and means to get Young Jae to sell it but he staunchly refuses, because he is still annoyed with Ji Eun for the things she did to him in China (I won’t go into detail here, but they’re all really comical).

Meanwhile, at an awards presentation ceremony, Hye Won finally approaches Min Hyuk to express her feelings for him, but Min Hyuk rejects her flatly, and adds that Young Jae would be very sad if he did accept her.

Hye Won immediately approaches Young Jae and demands that he confess whether he likes her or not. Young Jae, being a movie star, cannot express his love for Hye Won openly as he knows the paparazzi will apply a lot of pressure on them if he does. At the same time, Young Jae does not know how to express his feelings for the one he loves. To cover things up, he declares he loves Han Ji Eun and proceeds to French-kiss her in front of the entire horde of paparazzi that happily snap the photos that would appear on their tabloids.

Of course, Young Jae doesn’t like Ji Eun at all and in fact, he finds her a complete pest. Similarly for Ji Eun, she hates Young Jae for the fact that he refuses to sell the house back to her. Alas, circumstances force these two rivals to put their differences aside and help each other if they wish to reach their final objectives. Young Jae and Ji Jun sign a mutual agreement that they will be married for six months and after the six months, they will divorce each other and Ji Eun will get Full House back in return.

At the same time, Young Jae’s friend, Min Hyuk, also shows an interest in Ji Eun.

As more and more interesting things happen to this couple, Ji Eun finds herself falling bit by bit for Young Jae, but she holds back as she knows his heart is only for Hye Won. What she doesn’t know is that Young Jae is also beginning to find a delicate affection for her, but doesn’t wish to show it because he is still struggling between his childhood love for Hye Won and his feelings for Ji Eun…

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